Marching Band



At some point in our lives we choose to rebel. Against something old, against something new. We fight outside challenges, and even those within ourselves. “Rebel,” takes listeners on a journey of inner conflict where the performers clash with new ideas and each other. Experience the Rush of letting go and exploring without letting the past confine you. We all have a little rebellious streak inside.  

The Long Way Home


"Deep in an ancient forest, there was a very old tree... A tree that kept travelers safe from demons." The Long Way Home is a cultural exploration through the traditions of Japan. Exotic colors and mysterious tibres surround a fairy tale as old as time itself. Full of energy, emotion, and intrigue The Long Way Home is a classic tale told through the pages of another world. 

Now You See Me...


Top Hats, Rabbits, Curtains, and Tricks! "Now You See Me..." is a moderately paced, magic themed show. A bonafide crowd pleaser! Take the stage under the big top, and see what happens once the circus is closed for the night. 

Some will believe... and some just wont...

Now You See Me...Now you don't. 

The Gift


For many Americans, prosperity and freedom have been the rights gifted to us by the brave individuals of the U.S. military. Their sacrifice is a constant reminder of the price of peace within both our nation, and the world. The Gift is a tribute to all those who have served, or are serving. Inspiration has been taken from the various anthems of our armed forces including the Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Navy all while Amazing Grace ties together the journey through the eyes of the American Soldier. 



Event Horizon is an out-of-this-world experience that ventures through the unknown depths of the black hole. Notable nods to science fiction themes and homages to real world achievements in outer space accompany this challenging literature for both the winds and percussion.