JL Creative Studio

Are you in need of audio solutions for your project? Are you an artist who has the talent, but lacks the equipment? Are you a fresh face wanting to learn about digital audio or music composition? Do you live near the Dallas area? You're in luck! 

At JL Creative we can help bring your project to life through top line audio technology. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, a rookie, or just an audiophile we have the tools to help you make something great. 

Our Services

-Vocal Recording Sessions        -ADR Sessions                         -Sound Design

-1 on 1 Lessons                             -Mixing & Mastering            -Project Consultation


Available Lessons & Pricing

  • Vocal Session - ($50) 1st hour -- ($25) per extra hour
    • Pre-written scripting for vocal demos ($10)
    • Post Session FX (Music / SFX / Arrangement) ($25)
  • Mixing & Mastering - ($40) single 3 minute multitrack --(10$) per extra minute
  • 1 on 1 Lessons
    • Music Composition / Theory ($40) hour lesson -- ($100) 3 lesson pack
    • Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) ($30) hour lesson -- ($120) 5 lesson pack
  • Sound Design - ($12 per hour / 40 hour cap) + 20% Down Payment
    • Development schedule included - please contact for more info
  • Project Consultation - ($20) hour -- ($5) per extra hour
    • Consultation maybe done in person, over telephone, or Skype.


All sessions / lessons are appointment based. Please follow the link below to set up your meeting today! Don't hesitate, let's make something great together!