Indoor Percussion


Medium Advanced

Dive deep into the depths of a mysterious underground cave in search of adventure and loot!

What Goes Up...

Medium Advanced

-Waynesville High School Indoor Drumline - MCCGA 2016 Bronze Medalists-

"If you get too high, you might come crashing down."

"What Goes Up..." is a mind bending look into the natural forces of gravity. No matter how life twists and turns, gravity will always lock us to the ground. However, the are some emotions that gravity has control over. Performers will struggle against the most natural force in the universe while discovering how weightless some feelings can leave them. 

Spirit Walker


"Spirit Walker" takes place within the fictional aboriginal tribes of the open plains and lush forests of nature. Wild horses, sweeping landscapes, and the promise of freedom surround the audience as performers showcase a lifestyle of spirituality, family and loyalty to mother earth. 

Some Assembly Required

Medium Advanced

Gears spin and invention runs amok in this metal infused, high energy production. As "Pure Imagination" rings throughout the background, performers push their wits to the limit and learn how the path to ingenuity can sometimes be paved in failure and adversity.