[Hay-ee Sah-Way-Zho]

1. A combination of a vernacular greeting paired with a suedo-fantasy noun of which the creator has no recollection of inception

2. The creative penname for musician, voice actor, and entertainer, Jason Lord.


The name "HEYSUEZO" was this stupid little name I conceived years back when I did not entirely want to put myself "out-there" for the things is was making. At the time I was merely delving into music production, and fooling around with various projects involving sound, creative writing, and voice over work.

Nowadays I have adopted the title as a creative penname to associate with my media based work...and to exploit a certain level of anonymity when experimenting with new and exciting ventures.

This moniker is mainly used for my non-contemporary ensemble works, my voice acting credentials, and any other undoubtedly ridiculous things I wish to tack on with it.

RTX 2015, Austin Texas

RTX 2015, Austin Texas


A big part of my life is my goal of living philanthropically. I believe that one person, however resourceful they maybe, cannot tackle all of the serious issues in life. So I look to charitable organizations to better the world and to advance the lives of human beings everywhere. 

My Twitch channel is my main venture of charity at the moment. I enjoy playing games from a time long past, and cherishing older titles on older consoles. Twitch allows users to donate to channels if they want to support a stream, or feel moved to do so. ALL of the donations that I make on the Twitch platform go directly to my charitable organizations:


Women's Global Empowerment Fund

Earth Force Inc.

The AbleGamers Charity


Playing: Freedom Planet?