Donate A Controller

Welcome to the ExtraTerrible controller donations page!

At ExtraTerrible, we make bad controllers on purpose for scientific results! Each controller is personally handmade by creator, Jason Lord from his shop in Texas. There are currently 2 available ways to purchase your very own Bad Controller! 

You can buy a complete, made-from-scratch controller from the ExtraTerrible storefront (descriptions included). Follow this link to see what is available! 

Or you can DONATE a controller of your choice to be repurposed and returned as a Bad Controller! These models are currently allowed:

NES / SNES / N64 / Atari Joystick / SMS / Genesis / Dreamcast / Playstation 1 / DDR Playmats / 3rd Party Peripherals of the previously stated controllers

Mail off your controller with an included donation and a Bad Controller will be in your future! (NOTE: All donations must begin at a minimum of $30.00 to ensure a returned controller. Donations above the $30.00 minimum are allowed but do not affect the priority of a controller's modification)

If you would like to donate your controller, please fill out the form below and consider making a contribution towards the ExtraTerrible group. Once completed you will be emailed a packaging slip. All orders are cross checked with online donations, unless a donation is sent along with the controller in question. 

Name *
Please select your cabinet model. If your model is a custom, please explain below.
Please select the type of Case Study you want your controller to be fitted to. (Check the ExtraTerrible Controllers page to see the different options examples)
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